We had a visitor!

Whilst waiting for the troops to arrive one morning I got chatting to Mr David Wall. He and his three dogs were interested in what we were up to on Windy Hill. When the conversation turned to archaeology it transpired that he had found a Neolithic polished stone axe and promised to bring it up to show us.


As good as his word, a few days later he turned up with this fantastic axe for us to have a good look at. It was a large and highly polished example that he had found at Clegg Hall near Milnrow in 1996.


He had it examined by our own archaeology department at the time and they identified the material as originating in Ireland. Whilst we were having a look at David’s beautiful axe, our own Brian Howcroft brought out a finely worked Neolithic leaf shaped point a recently deceased friend of his had found one Christmas Day.


Leaf shaped arrowheads are characteristic of the Early Neolithic and this one was unusual in having a hollow base. It was very skilfully thinned on both faces and had no indication of ever having been used. These were both fantastic examples of their type and once in a lifetime finds. Many thanks to Brian and David for going to the effort of bringing them up to the site for us to look at.


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